I love this book, this story, and this woman!


COL. Linda Herbert, US Army, Retired, was inside the western side of the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into her wing, killing over 100 people.  It is a miracle that she survived, and she tells her powerful story of hope and courage, of how she heard God’s voice giving her direction. This book is so amazing!  I’m inspired by it over and over.

The Pentagon Miracle

Check her story out: http://www.thepentagonmiracle.com


Great creativity article by Avish Parashar!

Love opening my email to quick bursts of creativity and life! Like in this article:

Increasing Innovation with Improv Comedy – Reverse the Creative Process

Being effective at improvisation isn’t just about accessing creativity. It’s also very much about applying a different creative process than most people are used to.

Here is an improv comedy game that demonstrates this idea (I’ll explain how below):

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The standard creative process seems to be to start with a problem and then “think” of creative ideas that seem to “fit.”

There are two problems with this approach:

By thinking, you cut off yourself off from your creative flow (where your real power is)
By limiting yourself to ideas that “fit,” you cut yourself off from new and innovative ideas.
To get past this, we need to reverse the standard creative process.

Read the rest: http://dinghappens.com/2014/08/increasing-innovation-with-improv-comedy-reverse-the-creative-process/

End Procrastination with One Click

“The thing all writers do best is find ways to avoid writing.” ― Alan Dean Foster

“It’s coming along!” I always answer when asked about my current book.

Coming along? I then think. What, are the chapters on a journey across the Sahara Dessert? There they are, a caravan of words, footprints behind them, getting lost by a mirage, hoping to find water, hoping to make it out of the desert alive!

My book is only on its way when I am actively writing it. The rest of the time, I suppose it’s taking a nap, or worse, dying in wait.

Whatever you’re writing, chances are you are waiting for it just as much as your readers are.

The key is to think not of your work as coming one day but as existing already, existing inside you, just waiting for you to deliver it.

It’s time to deliver your writing to the world. You can, and you will. So what’s stopping you?

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Boost you, boost your writing, through Writers Groups

Whether your goal as a writer is to make a living or to simply have a creative outlet, writing is mostly a solo sport. If you’re not proactive in building healthy relationships related to your task, you can become isolated and drained by your projects.

You’ll benefit in many ways if you join a writers group:

  1. Relationships through a writing group will not only build your confidence as a writer but ultimately as an individual. You can discover and appreciate yourself (and your work) through the eyes of others.
  2. You’ll also have the benefit of outside advice, which helps you grow, and of exposure to thought processes you wouldn’t find otherwise. 
  3. The perks of networking are immeasurable in your success as a professional and a writer. By joining a writers group, you’ll be one step ahead in the networking curve!

More benefits are out there, I’m sure! Don’t wait. Find a Writers Group near you!

If you belong to a writing group, what are some of the benefits you’ve experienced?

Late hours, no filter, and a great release!

Last night I caught up on a week’s worth of writing. I typically write one – two hours per night with a day or two off each week.  Having a week of conference ahead, I wrote for nearly ten streight hours last night to get ahead of the curve.

I’m relieved to get the words out! Now I just hope they are quality words.

Some of my best writing happens when I’m tired, or more accurately, when I’ve given up on trying to make it perfect.  The longer I write, the better it gets. Get writing to see yours improve too!

Love when I find great tip!

These tips from professional writers are bah-rill-yant! Especially “Edit, Please!” My best work is its best when I edit (only after writing it, that is).

Live to Write - Write to Live

When I worked in the ICU as a resident, one of my daily tasks was to write a detailed note on each patient after I had seen, assessed, and come up with a plan of care for him or her. The attending doctor of the ICU had a saying that stuck with me through the years and I’ve applied it to many types of writing, not just the chart notes that he referred to: “Your note should be long enough to be good, short enough to be better.”

As a writer, I do not want people to skim my words. I know that people do it—I do it, too. But my goal is to make my writing succinct enough that my readers read every word I write, and don’t feel that I could have left something out.

Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to editing myself as I’ve been creating…

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Writing to the goods…

Authors can write junk for years before finally getting to the goods. We have so many reasons for not getting there: from ambiance to time to simply having a bunch of “junk” in our heads that has to come out first.  Somehow…. we must get to the goods. I address this in Author Development Lesson 5:

So how do we know the goods? The works that impress us now may have seemed like nothing at the time they were written.  What sets a work apart is its ability to keep its meaning through the years… As Dr. Pernell Hewing said to me, “Revelation breeds revelation forever.”  The [goods] you write will live longer than you, the messages staying true even as cultures change.

Get to the goods!

Some basic tips in getting to the goods:

  1. Write constantly, for set amount of times in set places. Make a date several times a week, daily if possible, with your writing, and then keep your date!
  2. Ignore your inner-editor. You can learn more about him or her from Natalie Goldberg‘s Writing Down the Bones or by signing up for Author Development.
  3. Undress your soul. Open up. Write from the rhythm of your heart rather than clanging machinery of your brain.
  4. Write without stopping, editing, laboring. Do all your writing first. Then go back and make any changes or edits.

If you really want to get to the goods, I can help. Author Development will not only mine the wells of your soul to produce a book as unique as you, it will also strengthen your confidence in yourself as an expert at all-things you, supporting your value and identity as the unique sound in the earth that you are.