Why Rebecca Francis

Rebecca’s love of communication inspires her, and her passion to empower others drives her work. Rebecca helps you understand the purpose behind suggestions, strengthening your writing skills and lessening your need for editing. Rebecca will help you improve as a communicator. You’re hiring more than an editor; you’re hiring an author developer!


  • Coaching through the writing process: Consultation Required
  • Editing
    • Basic Copy Editing: $0.02/wordBasic copy editing includes correcting spelling, grammar, word usage, punctuation, and syntax. It also includes drawing the author’s attention to conflicting or confusing statements.
    • Heavy Copy Editing: $0.035/wordThis includes basic copy editing but is much more involved. The EFA explains Heavy Copy Editing*:

      In a heavy copy editing, editors try to improve the flow of text by rewriting portions to enforce a uniform level, tone, and focus. They change passive voice to active voice. They also rearrange sentences to improve readability.

    • Content Editing: Consultation Required
  • Typesetting
    • Formatting for print book: $299
    • Formatting for e-book: $100 or $50 with print book formatting
  • Cover Design $800+


A few of the customized covers for some of my authors:



I’ve been so blessed to work with dozens of authors. Here’s just a few more:



*Editorial Freelancers Association, June 2012,


One thought on “Services

  1. Rebecca!!!!! This is AWESOME!!!!! I cant wait to hear more about it. Way to go for your dreams! Im excited for you 🙂 Love you – Susie


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