At my first exhibit!

Today we’re having our first exhibit! I’m up bright and early. I usually work early anyway, but today I’m especially excited!

I’m always looking for new clients, but the wonderful thing about an event like this is the presence of other businesses and networks. Relationships made a trade shows, seminars, clubs, etc are often much more valuable than any other efforts for marketing.

I’ll be looking forward to what the week holds, and hopefully have some great news in development. I came to this exhibit through divine connections and leading, and I expect a catalyst for our growth to come from it!

Find out more about the event we’re at:


Late hours, no filter, and a great release!

Last night I caught up on a week’s worth of writing. I typically write one – two hours per night with a day or two off each week.  Having a week of conference ahead, I wrote for nearly ten streight hours last night to get ahead of the curve.

I’m relieved to get the words out! Now I just hope they are quality words.

Some of my best writing happens when I’m tired, or more accurately, when I’ve given up on trying to make it perfect.  The longer I write, the better it gets. Get writing to see yours improve too!

Great News in the Making

When our lives move forward with purpose, each step of that process is exceedingly valuable. Each developing moment is what makes up tomorrow’s good news of success, fulfillment, and destiny.

For me, two of those steps are unfolding this week:

  1. I’m finishing chapter two of my first book, The Authentic Soul, and
  2. I’m finally making the improvements to Phase One of my Author Development program. Phase One is full of self-discovery and divine purpose, experiences I love!

I am so excited! I hope you are celebrating the steps of destiny you’re in the middle of, too 🙂