Is my loudest message also the hardest for me to hear?

Today I was talking to a friend about the consultation business he wants to develop. He is passionate about helping people envision their greatest potential and then develop a practical action plan to fulfill it. Any real-life person, business or scenario I gave him, he would detail to me his assessment and advice to help them fulfill their wildest dreams.

Until I gave him the scenario of himself. Continue reading


Who exactly is “yourself?” Be shameless–Part 3

I have a tendency to tell stories lavishly. I can be liberal with my facts. For my personality, it’s all about the experience. Unlike some of my friends, I rarely remember the name of a perfume I loved, or the dollar amount of a ridiculously overpriced item. What I remember (and what I cared about) is the experience—it’s the best perfume I ever smelt! It’s the most expensive item I’ve ever seen! Consequently when I tell stories, sometimes they’re just not 100% accurate. It’s not that I meant to lie, but usually I was so focused on the feeling that I didn’t give significance to the facts. Continue reading

Courage to take on… yourself? How to be shameless–Part 2

One of my greatest purposes in God is courage: to have courage to be myself, but moreso, to give courage to others to truly be themselves. Shame is the ultimate enemy of my purpose, because shame talks badly about one’s core self. As you can imagine, then, shame has been one of my biggest enemies.

I’m glad to say that I’ve conquered a lot of my adolescent shame through the emotional and spiritual healing available in the blood of Jesus. I embarrassed myself thousands of times before I fully got that freedom, … Continue reading

You can’t change yourself–but your self can change the world! How to be shameless–part 1

In my early teens, I spent a lot of time within the urban Christian community, or what we called “Holy Hiphop.” I am white and was raised in a protective home, where although we had our struggles, we were well provided for, taught Godly morals, and learned to love and accept people from every background.

Throughout my time in the urban community, I perceived an esteemed value placed on having experienced and come through “the school of hard knocks.”  Being poor, mistreated or misunderstood—or otherwise given the short end of the stick in life—were praised for what made a man or woman great. The worse your experience, the higher your credentials. Continue reading

Bullicides and a Fatherless Generation

Why are “bullicide”s suddenly getting so much attention? Between the news, Facebook and tv shows, I’ve heard mention of 4 separate bullicide instances TODAY! From the recent tragic case of Tyler Clementi  to old stories resurfacing as propaganda for “tolerance,” these mentions have mostly attempted to answer the question “who is to blame?” Everything from cell phones to Facebook have been blamed for these unfortunate cases. And misguided media & entertainment are quick to jump on the opportunity to propagate their agenda… attempting to turn public compassion for a broken young person into timidity, complacency and unwillingness to go against the grain. Continue reading