I love this book, this story, and this woman!


COL. Linda Herbert, US Army, Retired, was inside the western side of the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into her wing, killing over 100 people.  It is a miracle that she survived, and she tells her powerful story of hope and courage, of how she heard God’s voice giving her direction. This book is so amazing!  I’m inspired by it over and over.

The Pentagon Miracle

Check her story out: http://www.thepentagonmiracle.com


Chris Mathis’ book is printing now!! Ca

Chris Mathis’ book is printing now!! Cant wait til you can get your own copy. Love this guy & this book! http://ow.ly/i/5Wzn3


Boost you, boost your writing, through Writers Groups

Whether your goal as a writer is to make a living or to simply have a creative outlet, writing is mostly a solo sport. If you’re not proactive in building healthy relationships related to your task, you can become isolated and drained by your projects.

You’ll benefit in many ways if you join a writers group:

  1. Relationships through a writing group will not only build your confidence as a writer but ultimately as an individual. You can discover and appreciate yourself (and your work) through the eyes of others.
  2. You’ll also have the benefit of outside advice, which helps you grow, and of exposure to thought processes you wouldn’t find otherwise. 
  3. The perks of networking are immeasurable in your success as a professional and a writer. By joining a writers group, you’ll be one step ahead in the networking curve!

More benefits are out there, I’m sure! Don’t wait. Find a Writers Group near you!

If you belong to a writing group, what are some of the benefits you’ve experienced?

Sneak Peek: Lesson Four in Author Development

To understand meaning more than words, to get to an experience greater than just a story, an author has to engage the theater of the mind.  Lesson four helps authors peel away the outer layer of words to reveal what they’re made of:

Something of the sounds, pictures, sensations inside us are richer than life itself.
That inside reality is what shapes a person, determines viewpoints, memory of events, pleasure or displeasure, friendships or rivalries, successes or failures. Most of what comprises a person begins inside. Most of what comprises a person is lived once, twice, or over and over inside them before it’s expressed externally… before it becomes words.

Read more when you join the Author Development Program.

Love to see others excel!

Today I was looking through the success of authors I’ve worked with in the past. One in particular stands out: Lakia Gordon and her book, The Truth About Ugly Women. Kia, as her friends call her, is a successful businesswoman and founder of Unwrapped International, LLC.

I loved editing her book, and love watching her success continue!

Who needs inspiration?

I’m ecstatic right now about inspiring authors to release the books trapped inside them! I’m actually writing a curriculum to help authors tap their deepest, truest source of inspiration, the content of which I can feel swirling through me like glucose in a bloodstream just waiting to absorb!

But absorption takes time.

So while I’m marinating and writing, here are some great tips from author Ian Cron, in his interview with Michael Hyatt, on the discipline of writing.There’s also a chance to get Ian Cron’s latest book free.

Listen, be inspired, and get busy!

(Thanks Kara Gene for the Link!)