Bullicides and a Fatherless Generation

Why are “bullicide”s suddenly getting so much attention? Between the news, Facebook and tv shows, I’ve heard mention of 4 separate bullicide instances TODAY! From the recent tragic case of Tyler Clementi  to old stories resurfacing as propaganda for “tolerance,” these mentions have mostly attempted to answer the question “who is to blame?” Everything from cell phones to Facebook have been blamed for these unfortunate cases. And misguided media & entertainment are quick to jump on the opportunity to propagate their agenda… attempting to turn public compassion for a broken young person into timidity, complacency and unwillingness to go against the grain. Meanwhile, the real cause–lack of true fathers and mothers–is overlooked with a cheap excuse: cellphones and facebook and pop culture! In fact, some of these absentee parents might even make a small fortune out of the twisted blame that school officials haven’t properly raising the school kids. I have news for you, if your child is bullied, it’s not even the bullies fault! If your child IS a bully, it’s not your child’s fault. Parents are the only people capable of giving children the identity and security needed to flourish. Children’s value is taught, demonstrated and reinforced in the home.   So if your child has a low self-esteem, you are the only one who can do something about it. On a recent episode of “LIVE!”, Kelly Ripa and her guest cohost responded to an article “6 Secrets to a Happy Life,” in which one of the secrets is 3 hours of time with your children daily. Their response? That 3 hours with their children sounded more like torture than a happy life. And this is what the parents of our nation are watching? Bullicides are becoming common not because children are getting meaner but because parents are getting more and more absent. It’s time to turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children again!



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