Whose emotions are these, anyway?

Yesterday I sat in one of the saddest staff meetings I’ve ever been in! So sad in fact that I cried. Ok, maybe it was more on the inside than on the outside, but just enough on the outside to get eye liner in my tear ducts and end up with “eye-liner boogers” by the end of the day…

Our staff at Christian International are incredibly resilient people, who can handle just about anything, as I’m learning lately! So is our CEO, our founder, and all our management…. they amaze me. I’m very proud of them.

And we’re handling some tough situations right now, and handling them well! You could only begin to imagine some of the sobering obstacles in front of us as a ministry. But here we are. Shoulders up, chin up, focused ahead and “pressing on toward the mark” and always, always, always looking to Jesus!

But I still cried. I felt so much sadness! I didn’t even KNOW how sad I was until I opened my mouth to say something and choked up. (Ever happened to you?) It was like exponentially more than any one person would ever have.

Then I realized every person in this small army is facing their own hard times, things others may never know about. And when you get 30 people in a room who are all facing the tough facts of life, and then get them working together to overcome even more tough facts of life, all they can do is have their chin up… even if they want to cry.

So I am taking some time to cry for the ones who are not able to. I figure if I can feel the collective sadness, then maybe I can drain a little of it too. I think we all can. It’s part of what being a prophet is all about.

I encourage you to be a prophet in your sphere of influence, even if it means your “voice” is tears before the Lord.



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